Mirrorvana Large Double Sided 10X and 1X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Stand, 15-Inch Height and 8-Inch Wide

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**MANUFACTURER'S NOTE - This is a 1x and 10x magnifying mirror with NO LIGHTING*** OTHER MIRRORS CAN END UP LOOKING LIKE A FUN-HOUSE MIRROR… That’s not what you need, though. It can be disheartening to make a purchase of a magnified vanity mirror only to receive it and find out the magnified side makes everything look completely distorted. So much for quality. Our non-lighted makeup mirror is guaranteed to be strong - 10x magnification strong which will allow you to see every detail and then some. **NOTE - 10X magnification is extremely strong and due to the science of magnification, you will need to get up close to the mirror or your reflection will be upside down. (*****Please be advised, as with all magnifying mirrors, you will need to be no more than 15 cm away from the mirror or your reflection will appear upside down or blurry.*****) INVEST IN THE BEST At Mirrorvana, we pride ourselves on supplying the very best in beauty tools and supplies, and this Makeup Vanity Mirror is no exception! Combining high end magnification clarity and a quality constructed design, we are the premier choice for affordability, portability, and value. THIS IS THE GIFT TO GIVE Offering a crisp reflection, classy design, and beautifully packaged, this is the gift idea you’ve been searching for. THE GUARANTEE We can’t guarantee we’ll stay in stock this Christmas but we can guarantee your mirror will be free of defects in the first 1000 days after your purchase. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? CLICK THE “ADD TO CART” BUTTON AND MAKE SOMEONE REALLY HAPPY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!!