Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven - Like New

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Delicious food can be fast! The Rapid Grill Series 5-Serving Electric Indoor Grill heats up 30% faster*** to deliver hot and tasty burgers, chicken, fish, Panini, vegetables, and more! You can find the perfect grilling temperature for all types of food using the adjustable temperature control. Plus, cleanup is easy thanks to the dishwasher-safe removable plates, featuring the Advanced George Tough™ nonstick coating that’s 3x more durable*. This electric indoor grill is a must-have for couples or small families who want easy, delicious meals—fast! *Compared to standard George Tough™ nonstick coating **from 1/4lb. uncooked 80/20 ground chuck ***Compared to previous removable plate grill preheat time, GRP2841R