Hot Shot HG-95789 Roach Killer, 6-Count, Brown/A

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Between the carpool and the couch cushions, you’re the CEO of the home front. Take care of your family – and take care of business, no matter where household pests rear their ugly heads. Show bugs who’s boss with Hot Shot insecticides. They’re your weapon of choice, giving you the clear advantage within your walls and at the bank. Save the day. Roaches enter the home in search of water and are most often found near water sources (i.e.: kitchen and bathroom). This is because a roach can live for up to a month without food, but can only survive seven days without water. Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait is extremely attractive to roaches because it combines an attractive food source with the water source they need, delivering a lethal dose quickly. Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait kills roaches and the eggs they care in hours. This product contains 6 bait stations. Place bait stations where roaches have been seen, or in out-of-the-way places near walls in cabinets, under sinks and refrigerators and in closets. Place up to five bait stations in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Heavily infested areas may require additional bait stations. Read label for complete instructions before use. When creepy bugs attempt to pass, save the day with Hot Shot insecticides.