IN HAND Adjustable Pet Recovery Collar Comfy Cat Cone, US Patented Product Soft Edge Plastic Dog Cone Anti-Bite Lick Wound Healing Safety Practical Protective E-Collar

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Make Your Pets Comfortable Recovery Now!

Do you worried about your lovely pets suffered from healing wound or injury but can not recovery smoothly and comfortably?

This IN HAND E-Collar is a safe and humane way of preventing animals from aggravating a healing wound or injury. It helps break the lick-bite, Works great for both cats and dogs.

Lightweight transparent material provides full visibility for less stress adapting to the restraint.Pets rest more easily as the soft fabric edge lets them lay their head comfortably in any position. Well constructed and made of sturdy material so most pets won't be able to bend it over.

Please measure the circumference, or distance around your dog's neck before selecting a size. A properly fitted collar should have enough space to allow you to insert two fingers between the collar and your pet's neck.