Black Flag HG-11015 Stick, Trap, Houseflies and Flying Insects, 1-Count, 6-Pack, 6

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Flies and other flying insects can be a real aggravation when they raid your picnic, porch or patio. Black Flag Fly Stick attracts and traps houseflies and other flying pests indoors or outdoors anywhere flying insects are a nuisance. Simply add honey or syrup to attract them to the stick – once they land, they never leave. Hang in any room of the house; near your porch, patio or garden; around recreational areas; near garbage containers; and inside barns, kennels and stables. Replace every 3 months or when the stick is full. Just remove, wrap in newspaper and dispose of in trash. For best results, hang vertically with all sides of the stick exposed, near the center of the area where you wish to control flying insect problems. Add 1 tsp of honey or syrup to the bottom plastic cup.