Dekor Plus Diaper Pail Refills | 4 Pack | Exclusive 30% Extra Thickness | New Powder Scent | Fits Dekor Plus Size Diaper Pails | Powerful Odor Elimination | Holds up to 2320 Diapers

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Perfectly Compatible with all Dekor Plus Diaper Pails
Babyfeel’s extended length and super strong refill liners perfectly fit into your Dekor Plus Diaper Pail. Parents and caregivers constantly struggle with diaper pail liners that fall short. With Babyfeel there's a quick, easy and much more economical way to handle diaper disposal without the fuss.

The Most Economical Refills
Babyfeel retains premium brand quality at a fraction of the price. We know that getting stuck with no diaper pail refills for your Dekor Diaper Pail is a bummer so instead of the standard two pack refill, Babyfeel Diaper Dekor refill comes in a four-pack and can hold up to 2320 diapers!

Powerful Odor Elimination
We know how stinky nurseries can get and that’s why Babyfeel refills were engineered to deliver maximum odor protection. Thanks to the Innovative Odor Elimination technology by Babyfeel, each liner is made of a multi-layer film which provides odor control and durability.

Fragrance Free
Because we at Babyfeel believe that your nursery should always be free from chemicals or allergens, we've kept our refills fragrance free, while providing you with powerful odor elimination that ensures your nursery will always be a delight to stay in at any time.

Happiness Guarantee
We are proud of every Babyfeel product and truly care about you and your baby. If you are not completely satisfied with your Babyfeel Diaper Dekor Plus Refill, feel free to return for a full refund or replacement.

Why Babyfeel?
We’re parents just like you, so we know firsthand the concerns and expenses that come with raising a baby - that’s exactly why we’ve created Babyfeel. We strive to design the best products for the best price while always having your baby’s best interest in mind.