Hershey's - Milk Chocolate Drops 2.10 oz - 4 Pack- Past Rotation Date - Guaranteed Freshness

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Founded over 120 years ago by the first American to develop a formula for manufacturing milk chocolate, the Hershey's brand creates delicious candies that are known and enjoyed by millions around the world. HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Drops are the delicious chocolatey way to make mouths happy, no matter where they're at. The hard candy shell means there's no mess, making HERSHEY'S Drops perfect for candy bowls and on the go snacking. They're great for sharing, and are a delectable movie time treat. OU Kosher Certified, HERSHEY'S Chocolate and candies have been an American favorite since 1894. This product ships as 2.1 ounce bags in a pack of 18.