HOSPITOLOGY PRODUCTS Mattress Protector Natural Cotton Terry Sleep Surface - Full/Double - Waterproof - Hypoallergenic - 20-Year Warranty - Fitted Mattress Cover - Machine Washable - 54" W x 75" L

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The Mattress Protector by Hospitology is simply the best mattress Protector you can buy on Amazon.com. We use an All-Natural 100% Cotton Terry fabric as the sleep surface and bond it to a waterproof membrane, providing protection from spills & incontinence on top of your mattress. This waterproof membrane also eases allergy symptoms and asthma associated with Dust Mites & Bacteria.

As you sleep, your body releases sweat, oil, and skin flakes. These substances get absorbed by your mattress, and help feed Dust Mites & Bacteria that are widely researched as a major cause of sleep disruption and respiratory problems - including Asthma and nighttime allergies. The Protector prevents these conditions by blocKing body fluids from reaching your mattress, starving the Dust Mites & Bacteria, while also blocKing already existing Dust Mites & Bacteria from reaching the sleeper.

None of this matters however, unless the Protector is comfortable to sleep on. Our Mattress Protector uses the THICKEST and most PLUSH cotton terry surface available on Amazon (5.3oz/yd2), yielding an ultra-soft, virtually noiseless product. The dual-stretch side panels wrap around your mattress like a fitted sheet, and can accommodate a mattress thickness of up to 18”. Also, unlike Vinyl, our waterproof membrane is Fully breathable, providing a cool and comfortable sleep surface.

Please note: This Protector is meant to handle only small amounts of liquid that are addressed immediately. Larger amounts of liquid, and liquid that is allowed to sit for more than a few hours may eventually seep through Protector in the form of liquid vapor.

Size: Full (54"x75")

Machine washable, Tumble Dry Low or No Heat. Please follow all included care instructions to maintain your mattress Protector’s warranty.

Contains no Vinyl, PVC, Phthalates, or Fire Retardant coatings of any kind.