MaxKare Electric Blanket Heated Throw Flannel & Sherpa Reversible Fast Heating Blanket 50" x 60", ETL Certification with 3 Heating Levels & 4 Hours Auto Off, Home Office Use & Machine Washable

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Proper amount heat that penetrates inside your muscles helps loosen stiffness, thus regaining energy and promoting health. The MaxKare Heated blanket, with its large size, overall warms you. Enjoy the hug from the super-soft fabric materials and your desired temperature level among 3 heating levels to sweep away fatigue and stress. Product Operation Guide: 1> Connect the luxury blanket with the controller first and then connect it to the power supply. 2> Set with the highest heating level, and then set with a proper level after the desired temperature has been reached. 3> Cover yourself in the blanket and stabilize with the snap button for better heating effect. 4> After using, please shut off the controller and disconnect it from the power supply, then put away the blanket. User Tips ♥ After turning on the electric heated throw blanket, you can choose the highest heating level for rapid increase in temperature. ♥ If you do not feel warm enough, you can use the product with less clothes for its closer contact with the skin, or place a covering (like a quilt) for better effect. ♥ Do not use at the highest heating level for long. Temperature Range: Mild temperature (~35±5℃ / 95±9℉) (Green) Medium temperature (~40±5℃ / 104±9℉) (Orange) High temperature (~45±5℃ / 113±9℉) (Red) (By no means would the skin experience the risk of burns within this temperature range.) Included: 1 x Large heated blanket 1 x Controller 1 x User manual