Set of 2 Large Ice Packs for Injuries, Ice Wrap Hot Pack for Pain Relief, Knee, Sciatica, Back, Migraine, Arthritis,Shoulder Pain Ice Pack-Neck Warmer-Set Includes 2 Ice Heat Packs,Extension Straps

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The Only Reusable Hot Cold Pack You Will Ever Need - Created by a Real Medical Doctor

I am Dr. Jeff. In 36 years as a practicing Physician, I've seen what works + doesn't work for hot + cold therapy for acute + chronic pain relief. My patients have used many products that didn't work.

Some don't fit. Some leak. Liquid gel will clump leaving areas with no gel. Some get too hot or cold in spots while other parts are not hot or cold enough. Most have single straps which only fit an average person

Unique Design

Our slim multi-purpose packs have adjustable straps allowing use for any body part.

Your pack can be used for head ache, migraines, face + dental pain, nerve pain relief, upper & low neck pain relief, shoulders, elbow, wrist, hands


We incorporated a different material for each side of the pack. The plush side is more comfortable and is used for milder heat and cold and can also be used for moist therapy while the plastic side results in hotter and colder pain relief. They are individually pressure tested to ensure there is no leakage. Included:

* 6" elastic straps are attached to the pack to be use for your neck and for smaller joints

* 3 adjustable 8", 12" and 16" 2 ¼ " wide stretchable elastic straps that can all be attached together

* A resealable travel bag that can be used in your freezer to prevent odors, for storage, and to keep your system organized while traveling

Our Guarantee

There is NO RISK when you purchase our Gel Bead Pack. You can be confident that you are purchasing a professional grade quality product that is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Order more than one pack- Store one in the freezer and keep one at room temperature