Snickers Creamy Maple Butter Chocolate Candy Bar - 2.8oz - 5 pack- Past Rotation Date - Guaranteed Freshness

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Creamy Snickers bars combine caramel and a milk chocolate coating with maple almond butter. Enjoy the flavor of maple almond butter, caramel and milk chocolate with this rich, creamy SNICKERS Bar. With Creamy Snickers bars, our fans can discover new tastes, and can now get Snickers satisfaction in both crunchy and smooth. Break out the satisfying, creamy flavor of Creamy SNICKERS Maple Almond Butter Squares Chocolate Bars at the office for a delicious midday treat. Contains twenty-four (24) 1.4-ounce singles size packs of Creamy SNICKERS Almond Butter Square Candy Bars Publisher: snickers Details: Your favorite childhood candy just got a makeover, courtesy of the new Creamy Snickers Bars, which are made with - be still my millennial heart - nut butters. Instead of the usual crunch of peanut you're used to getting with the caramel and chocolate, these three new flavors are smooth, melt-in-your mouth combos that are still reminiscent of your beloved Snickers, but take it to entirely new heights. And since this seems to be a true go big or go home situation for the brand, it's coming right out of the gate with three flavors in Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, and Maple Almond Butter.